To Do for Week 3: Scenes

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Covering this week, our scribe: Eric Alcorn


T 9/3

  • Week 2 Blog Post Due: Katelyn Wilhelm

  • Quiz 2: Rex Pickett, Sideways (pp. 1-210)

Th 9/5


I’ve created a Facebook group (#amnoveling outside) so that those of you following the class from outside the fishbowl can share information, spur each other on, and find beta readers. I encourage you to post in the FB group the very second you’ve completed your 2000 words for the week, for example. You need some positive reinforcement. Another option: use the hashtag “#amnoveling” or leave a comment here with a link to your blog or website if you don’t mind being contacted by others.

Suggested Reading

Writing Assignment

Weekly Words #2. Focus: Dramatized (not summarized) scenes from early in your novel. Follow the “Initiate” prompts from Hoover and the “Objective” prompts from LOCK.

I want to hear from you!

Either here in the comments or in the FB Group or via the #amnoveling hashtag, tell me:

  • Did you get your 2000 words written last week? Are you ready to do it again?
  • When are you finding the time to write?
  • Do you want to connect with others in this group? Join the FB group, use the hashtag #amnoveling (I’ve created a column on Tweetdeck and will see all of of your tweets), like this one.
Tell us how it's going.

Tell us how it’s going.