To Do for Week 3: Scenes

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Covering this week, our scribe: Eric Alcorn


T 9/3

  • Week 2 Blog Post Due: Katelyn Wilhelm

  • Quiz 2: Rex Pickett, Sideways (pp. 1-210)

Th 9/5


I’ve created a Facebook group (#amnoveling outside) so that those of you following the class from outside the fishbowl can share information, spur each other on, and find beta readers. I encourage you to post in the FB group the very second you’ve completed your 2000 words for the week, for example. You need some positive reinforcement. Another option: use the hashtag “#amnoveling” or leave a comment here with a link to your blog or website if you don’t mind being contacted by others.

Suggested Reading

Writing Assignment

Weekly Words #2. Focus: Dramatized (not summarized) scenes from early in your novel. Follow the “Initiate” prompts from Hoover and the “Objective” prompts from LOCK.

I want to hear from you!

Either here in the comments or in the FB Group or via the #amnoveling hashtag, tell me:

  • Did you get your 2000 words written last week? Are you ready to do it again?
  • When are you finding the time to write?
  • Do you want to connect with others in this group? Join the FB group, use the hashtag #amnoveling (I’ve created a column on Tweetdeck and will see all of of your tweets), like this one.
Tell us how it's going.

Tell us how it’s going.



3 Comments on “To Do for Week 3: Scenes”

  1. gailwerner says:

    Hey Cathy,
    Quick question (and I KNOW I’m being nitpicky here)….when we talk about our 2,000 words, can that include whatever words we’ve written toward that week’s assignment AND our blog entry for that week? Or should we really be trying to dedicate the full 2K to the topic of the week and keep the blog post tally separate? (yep, officially nitpicking) (and regardless the answer, I fell short a bit on words this week, but look forward to picking back up this week!)

    Also, one more question: We should be focusing our writing right now on the assignments, not so much on starting our novels, right? I’m LOVING where I’m at in development (thanks to the DICE/LOCK methods), and have begun mulling over ideas for how I want to start the novel, but just curious if that’s where right where we need to be or if we should be working on the novel in tandem somehow?

    PS – I found time to write this week from the passenger seat of our Pruis en route to a family vacation in Tennessee. Not ideal, but I got those words and reading in!

    • Cathy Day says:

      Not nitpicky at all!

      With my INSIDE students, I tell them that the 2000 words can be writing ABOUT the novel (journaling, and yes, if you blog about what you’re figuring out each week, that can count, too) as well as THE NOVEL ITSELF.

      My words each week tend to be something between journal pages and novel pages. I sketch out scenes and chapters very quickly, then move on.

      That’s the only way I can get the 2000 words a week. If I had to write “good” pages each week, I’d procrastinate more.

      The assignments, the “focus” each week, are optional. You should do what feels good. This week, the focus is SCENES and I encourage you to start writing some scenes, but if it doesn’t feel right, that’s fine.

      Last week, my 15 inside students did a variety of things with their weekly words: 1/3 did actual “novel pages,” 1/3 did journaling, no novel pages, and 1/3 did a combo.

      Hope that answers your questions. Thanks for asking them.

  2. […] week’s assignment from Cathy for Week 3 was to write scenes for our characters. I felt up to the challenge and I’m happy to report […]

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